The One…WTH was that?

MAJOR Spoiler Alerts ahead (But like you didn’t know already)


This is my reaction after I finished the book. On Goodreads I gave the book 2 stars. My graduate brain loved the book because it was pure bubblegum for the mind, but the same graduate brain thought the writing was redonkulous.

Let me count the ways:

The group of rebels. Both of them. What was each group’s purpose? Can you tell me exactly who the bad guy was? This was a plot element that never developed past the drafting board.

America’s love of music is completely forgotten.

Cass throws in unnecessary and underdeveloped plot elements: America rescuing the girl from the streets and America’s father as  a rebel. None of these events spawn into anything else.

All the love crap that is going on in the book.  Maxon continuously tells America that she can have his heart and break it, and then when she does it, he throws a temper tantrum. Dude, make up your mind!

People disappear out of this book like there is a magician. Anne, the maid, is simply gone. How convenient for Lucy and Aspen.

What about Kriss? Let’s talk about Kriss. Kriss is America’s biggest contender for Maxon’s love. It is evident from book one that she really cares about Maxon. However, 3/4 of the way through The One we find out that Kriss is actually northern rebel. Where the heck did that come from. However, this big reveal goes absolutely nowhere. Kriss threatens America and then her character’s purpose is done.

Finally, the ring. Really, Kiera? Vines, gold, and purple? It sounds like a Mardi Gras prize.

Overall Thoughts

I was excited for the book, but I did not expect it to be earth shattering. I expected it to be bubble gum for the mind and it did fulfill that expectation, but I was disappointed in how Cass threw in so many unnecessary plot points.


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