Let the Blood Run

It has been a while since I last posted. I chalk it up to me finishing graduate school, finding a job, discovering my way as an official full-time librarian, and being burned out. As an avid reader, I am slightly appalled at how slow I’ve been reading, but I’m slowly getting back to where I was before I graduated. Nothing like reading about serial killer to get me back in the mood.

20454051Blood of My Blood by Barry Lyga

I bow down to Barry Lyga. He not only wrote a captivating trilogy in an ocean of ya dystopias, but he did it extremely well in all three of his books.

Blood of My Blood hurls its readers head first into the plot with the first page and does not let up until the last page has turned. I found myself saying “Just one more chapter” until it was 1am and the book was done. Told in alternating chapters (as were the first two books), the book allows its reader to see how the events are unfolding from different angles. Lyga makes sure that each voice is conducive to the plot. I did not find myself once thinking, “Man! When are we getting back to Jazz’s character?!” Every chapter is built beautifully on its predecessor regardless of the point of view, and each character is developed to full their potential.

Let’s talk about the creepiness fact of serial killers. Lyga easily gets 10 bloody stars for making Billy Dent’s personality and his killings realistic and terrifying. I actually stopped reading to research what serial killers are presently active (nothing but warm, fuzzy feelings…*shivers*). I also believe what really adds authenticity to the book is the graphic descriptions. Lyga does not skim over details allowing readers to visualize every gruesome attack.  I would not recommend this book to anyone who becomes easily nauseous.

Finally, the twist. No spoilers here, but I knew that Lyga was going to throw his readers for a loop and I wanted to see if I could guess it before it happened. I was almost positive that I knew the big reveal only to be slammed from behind. My favorite kind of twist.

Blood of My Blood is a fantastic conclusion to the Jasper Dent trilogy. No stone (or body) was left untouched. However, if your imagination is as creative as mine, the book may make you want to wash your eyes out with soap or invest in a good guard dog.


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